Concept Catamaran

The Nordic Catamaran Concept

In recent years, interest in cruising catamarans has increased markedly in Scandinavia. Interest in this type of boat has gone from being nearly zero, to attract large crowds at recent boat shows. The Cruising catamaran combines many of the sailing boat’s best features, with the open layout and large space of the power boat.

Besides this, there are several exciting environmental aspects, efficiant hulls, hybrid propulsion, large bimini for solarcells, maritime safety and more. We believe it is the right time to capture this interest and launch a Scandinavian competitor to the market.

We have initiated the development of a concept catamaran (43ft) suitable for Nordic waters (The Nordic Catamaran Concept). The project has been developed over three years, based on an extensive interview material from catamaran sailing crews and families.

A dozen newly produced models from around the world have bee studied, the best features weighed in and adapted to function in colder climates as well as in the tropics. In addition, several unique and innovative solutions have been integrated into the concept catamaran.

The Nordic Crusing Concept, a versatile platform, designed for comfortable day trips as well as for unlimited long-distance sailing.

Special features of the Nordic Concept , is the appropriation and exploitation of available space. The salon has been streched one meter forward of the mast, by working with sliding glass partitions, the cockpit can easyly be completely closed. The cockpit becomes an integrated part of the salon, which creates a salon twice as large as the salon of other competing catamarans.

The forward cockpit doubles as an outdoor spa pool. It can be heated either by solar panels or by the diesel generator. In the forward cockpit it´s possible to enjoy a hot bath with a stunning wiev, regardless of the season. A unique folding swim platform creates the most flexible and spacious swim platform in this segment of yachts. The whole family can enjoy playing and swimming together and it doubles as a perfect berth for the dinghie.

The boat is equipped with dual steering positions. From the inside helm the boat can comfortably be sailed in any weather. The self-tacking sails and reversible winches make it possible to stay dry even when sailing. The flybridge has plenty of room for everyone. The helm station can accommodate three to four people and from the sitting area on the bimini (new design feature), six to eight people can enjoy the wiev.

The floor plan is open and functional. The large galley is located centrally in the salon, a stepped up sitting area, allowes a clear view in all directions from the low and comfortable sofa. A spacious opening between the salon and the cockpit gives the area a seamless feeling conecting inside and outside. For those who want to enjoy a good book in the shade there is a spacious daybed located under the fixed bimi.

The large dining table located in the cockpit sits comfortably up to eight. In rough weatherconditions, the sliding glass windows keep wind and rain out, while it is still possible to enjoy a nice meal with an unbroken sea wiev.

The boat is filled with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, that both extend the boating season as well as promoting a sustainable development. The interior will be finished to the higest Scandinavian standards, with consistently high quality and exclusive materials.

Reversible winches Harken/Seldén allow the cat to be sailed from the inside steering position, using cameras for sail control. In combination with a simple software, an auto scheet function can be incorporated and you only need to change the course and the sails will automatically follow.

The power efficiant hulls are ideal for hybrid engines, diesel or hybrid engines can be selected  depending on preferenses. We are closely following the developement of the innovative STEYR MO32 diesel electric hybrid engines. We believe these to be the perfect match and contribute to taking a great leap in to the future of environmental friendly yachting.

We now have a financially stabile partner in Maverick yachts of South Africa.  Maverick Yachts is a partner that has enough space and capacity to secure the conditions for production.

We also welcome investors that have interest in the project to contact us for a more detailed review of the project.

Our intention at this junction is to sign (LOI) with a number of interested buyers, to secure the first line of production yachts.

Due to the secrecy associated with the project, we are not able to add up all information on this website. For a more detailed presentation of the project, please contact:

Northern Multihulls

Ralf Zander

Direct: + 46 (0) 736 64 82 62


5 Responses to “Concept Catamaran”
  1. En helsvensk crusingkatamaran, designad och anpassad för nordiska förhållanden! Välkomna att ställa frågor om projektet här nedan.

  2. Tommy skriver:

    hva slags prisnivå ser du for deg? På linje med Lagoon/Fontaine Pajot?

    • Hej Tommy, Högre kvalité, exklusiva materialval och modernare teknik, resulterar i att vi räknar med att lägga oss 15-20 % över motsvarande franska budget modeller.

      Hälsningar, Ralf Zander

  3. Morgan Möllerström skriver:

    Helt rätt koncept! Bra tänk med dubbla styrplatser med den inre för vårt kalla klimat. Skall det bli Seldén rigg med Volvo motorer så känns det rätt för oss Skandinaver. Men vad blir depl./segelytan?

    • Hej Morgan

      Båtens mått, Längd: 13,0m. Bredd: 7,50. Djup: 1,30 m. Masthöjd: 19,5 m. Segelyta: 115 m2. Frigång mellan skroven 78 cm. Vikt i grundutförande ca: 10.000kg. Bränsle: 700l, Vatten: 700l. Mast och vinschar Seldén, motorer Volvo Penta alternativt, Steyr MO 32 hybridmotrer.

      Branschen lider fortfarande av den oroliga världsekonomin, även om det finns många tecken som pekar mot en ljusning. Vi behöver i nuläget teckna 8 LOI till 20% handpenning, alternativt teckna avta med en ekonomiskt stark partner för att starta produktionen.

      Maverick Yachts är beredda att starta produktion åt oss efter det att Najad gick i konkurs. Vi skulle dock gärna se en partner på närmare håll och överväger olika tänkbara konstellationer.




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